Sunday, March 21, 2010

A trip to my Aunt's, part 1

Earlier last week we took a trip to my Aunt's house. These are all pictures from then, except the first one was from our timber.
With this first image it was getting dark and I slowed the shutter speed a bit and focused, then pushed the shutter down and zoomed at the same time, creating the "zoomed" effect.
This creek bed was at the end of my Aunt's property. It was covered with rock and moss, plus the fallen limbs add to it!

This is a seed pod off of the tree in their front yard.
This is also at the creek, I love the roots of the tree among the rocks.

Also at the creek, as you will see alot of these are! A bunch of different shaped and sized rocks, also different shades.
This was one of the few green plants at the creek, I thought it looked nice against the browner leaves and twigs.

One of my favorites, the rock bed in the creek covered in moss.

Another of the creek. The rocks, the fallen limbs, the brush on the edges, and the pine tree to the right all play into this one.
Another favorite of the creek! I liked the white limb hanging down and the creek going back into the picture.

The barn was a favorite too! I have too many favorites. I liked the way the barn looked with the tree limbs hanging down in front of it.

These weeds in front of the barn were really bright and colorful, they went with the dull color of the barn good.

The bricks of the house.

If you will notice there is a buzzard resting on the peak of the barn, I was able to get a few shots of him before he flew away.

Come back in a few days for part 2!


Here are a few pictures from this winter. We had quite a bit of snow this year. It all finally melted......and it just snowed 2 days ago, but it is supposed to melt in a couple of days!! I cannot wait until spring. There are a few flowers trying to poke their heads up out of the ground, and the trees are getting buds on them!!
Early one morning I took this picture of the moon, if you look closely you can see a little star to the right of the moon.
We had quite a bit of frost a couple of mornings, I had never seen any this long before.

This is a cardinal swooping down to the pile of bird feed on top of the snow.

Another cardinal waiting his turn.

This cardinal thinks the snow is a little deep!

Come back soon for some more recent pictures!