Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dreaming of Spring

As I've been going through pictures from last summer I am continually looking forward to warmer weather and green grass.  We've had a fairly cold winter here this year, though we haven't had much snowfall compared to past years.  Now that we're into April I'm hoping the warmer temperatures and the rain will start coming soon!

I thought I would go through and share some of my favorite pictures from last summer/fall.

This last fall my sister and my brothers and I went out on a walk through the back pasture, taking pictures and checking on the cows.  The leaves in the timber were popping with color!

The sun was setting as the cows were enjoying the lush green pasture.

 Maggie, our calf to one of our milk cows, was pretty curious as to what we were doing out in the pasture.

 Storm clouds rolling through during a nice spring day last year.

 I always look forward to the Grape Hyacinth blooming in the spring, and if you can get close enough they even smell good!

I've been experimenting with verses and quotes over photos lately.

What are you most looking forward to this spring/summer?
Leave a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Radiant Sunrise

One morning I was up early and noticed that there was a heavy dew and that the clouds held potential for a colorful sunrise.  I grabbed my camera, slipped on some shoes and headed out the door to the east to see what I could capture.  I adjusted my settings, took a couple of test shots just to be sure, and started snapping away.  In the time it took for the sun to rise I had snapped somewhere around two hundred pictures.  I also did some experimenting with the HDR settings on my camera, you can click here to see those.  The dew on the wheat added an element of uniqueness to an otherwise normal sunrise photo.                

I love the way the sun is starting to peak over the tops of the trees and illuminate the heads of wheat.

I love that this shot includes more of the sunrise, along with the little streak of fog hiding behind the row of trees to the right of the image.  

The anticipation before the sunrise of what is to come.

Do you make a point of it to get up early enough every morning to see the sunrise?  I'm not always up early enough to enjoy it, but if I am I am usually doing the morning chores so I don't always get to photograph it.  I guess there are many ways to enjoy a sunrise though!

This evening as I was working on the computer my little brother came running down the stairs hollering "Bobbi!  You're missing an awesome sunset!  It really is awesome!".  So I followed him back up the stairs to get a glimpse of the awesome sunset, it really was awesome!  I'm thinking maybe the phrase should be 'Stop and enjoy the sunset'.