Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Few Spring Photos

Here are a few "newer" pictures. Sorry for the lack of posts! I seem to be pretty good at that!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Hopefully I will get better at this!
This is a little shed at our cousins house, I have photographed it several times. Sometimes it is good to try to get different photos of the same thing!

While looking for antler sheds I took this photo. We didn't find any antlers, but I did find an interesting photo!

This would have to be my favorite! I toned down the colors a little, I like the way it turned out!

This one is second to most favorite! I left the colors alone in this one, I like the way the sun reflected off of the leaves and petals!

These are pink peach blossoms. The pink and the blue look really good together.

Lately I have been busy in the garden, hopefully I can get some pictures up! Our vegetables seem to be doing a lot better this year! I can't wait for fresh vegetables! The greenbeans are blooming, and we have little zuchinni and yellow squash on. So far we have picked two cucumbers, they are really good on sandwiches.

The weather has been pretty nice, not too hot. The next few days are supposed to get really hot!

Happy Fourth of July!

P.s. In case you missed it, check out the new background photo!