Thursday, February 24, 2011

More January 2011 Pictures

These are some more pictures taken last January.

This one of the branches was taken at night with a long shutter speed of 30 seconds. I used a tripod for this one.

I liked this one because of the snow falling, I think it adds to the picture!

The color, and blurred background are what I like about this picture.

Snowy frost on one of our evergreen trees.

Another of an evergreen tree, I think I like this one better!

A cornfield covered in snow in the dead of winter, and frosty trees in the background.

This is the same cornfield, I like the frosty blue trees!

Frosty barb-wire fence.

This picture makes it look like the wind was blowing really hard by the way the frost stands.

Lilac leaves in winter.

Hopefully I will have some more recent pictures up soon!
As I write this it is snowing outside, so far we have about 4-5 in. of snow! If I get pictures I will post them!
Thank you for taking a look! Feel free to comment!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter in January

These are a few pictures taken last January. I am kind of late in getting them up!
I hope to have the next Colorado post up soon, also.

One morning in January it was frosty, and the light shining through the frost on the trees was beautiful!

I thought this one looked neat in Black and White!

This was the sunrise on the frosty morning!

Trees in the snow.

These are our cows in the snow, not sure if they enjoyed it!

One of the first Bald Eagles I have seen this year. I haven't seen as many Bald Eagles this year as I did last year.

I liked the way the snow was sitting on top of the branches, just waiting to be blown off by a gust of wind!

I hope to get more pictures up soon, I will try to start posting once a week! But we will see what happens!