Monday, August 31, 2009

Recent Pictures

Here are a few pictures that I have taken recently. A few are from today. It was really nice out and cloudy, but the sun would peek through and that made awsome light!!

This one was from today. I really like the colors, I used an 18-55mm lens with an Ultra Violet (UV) filter, I usually leave this filter on to protect the lens.

This one is the same as above, I like how the sun is shining through the petals of the flowers, also how there is one big and one small flower. Also the dark green with the yellow.

These sunflowers also had the 18-55mm and UV filter. They were about twice as tall as me! I like how the top right corner is lighter blue and then gets darker, also the different shades of green, and how the flowers are in a u shape.
This is a red zinnia that I planted. I like how there is only blur in the background, and the angle of the flower, kind of flat, and the long stem.

This one I tried one side of the flower with the petals sticking out for the rest of the picture, I also like the clouds and bluesky.

These were as tall as me so I had to get down really low. I took several and this is the one I liked best. I wasn't even looking through the camera when I took it because the camera was only about 3 inches off the ground!

Also some more zinnias, the orange in the background was merigolds. I like how the stem kind of leans one way, plus the other flowers in the background.

These are yellow Honey Locust leaves that fell off the tree in our driveway. I like how the edge of the picture is dark and the bright yellow, plus the dark green.

Another purple zinnia. I took this one from above, I didn't center it on purpose because I thought it looked better this way. I usually do a lot of experimenting when I take pictures.
Another sunflower, it is the season for them if you couldn't tell!!! I liked the bee on it and the pale yellow by the dark brown.

This is a tree frog on a red zinnia that my mom noticed one night. He hasn't been back since that one night when I took this picture. I thought he looked awfully cute resting on the petals!!

This is an asparagus fern with a red berry on it. I liked the red berry with the green around it. Sort of reminds you of Christmas!

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  1. I love your pictures bobbi,

    LOVE your cousin,
    Jazmin Lee