Thursday, June 5, 2014

Magnificent Clouds

So it's been awhile!  Almost a year since my last post. :(  Sorry about that!  We've had Internet issues and my computer has also decided to act up the last few months.  I'm still not sure if it's fixed yet....but while it's working, here are a few pictures!

These were taken during hunting trips last fall.  I like to take my camera along to see if I can capture some of the excitement!  Though it was mostly weather, a squirrel, and a few geese flying over, they didn't have time in their schedule to stop for pictures, maybe next time. ;)

I love the way this picture turned out!  If you look closely you can almost see them moving by!

Storm clouds are always my favorite!  I love the different hues in this one.

I call this one "Pink Wisps".

Over the last several weeks I've been busy in the garden pulling weeds, mulching paths, planting seeds and making raised beds.  I hope to finish mulching in between plants next week.

We've added a third garden this year!  It contains the unruly squash vines that try to take over everything.  We also added corn and a lot of melons.  This year with the corn I'm going to try planting pole beans along the rows to climb up the stalks.  I also plan on saving bean seeds from all three varieties I'm growing this year.

 Two days ago we got 2 3/4" of rain!  Hence, the blog post! ;)  I'm hoping this year will be a wetter one than last year.

I will try to post more often now that things are working again, although this might be a "rainy day" blog.

If anyone is still out there, thanks for reading!

"In the light of a King's face there is Life,
and His favor is like the clouds that
bring the Spring rains."

Proverbs 16:15

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