Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 5: The End of January

It's the end of January.  I can't believe January 2013 has already come and gone.  Where did it go?  It seems like it has just flown by and I barely caught a glimpse of it as it passed. 

A couple of days ago it rained.  It rained hard, we even had thunder and lightning and the wind was blowing something awful.  The next day it was pretty warm, as the day went on though it cooled off quite a bit.  Then it started raining again.  The rain turned to snow, and now we have 4 inches of snow on the ground.  It is 16*F and blustery outside.  But don't worry, this weekend it is supposed to get up to 48*F again.  The weather here is crazy!  You never know what to expect!  But I am thankful for the rain and the snow.

   Hopefully this means we will have a wet summer and not a dry one like last year. This time last year we didn't hardly get any snow at all, let alone rain.  I know my vegetable garden would appreciate it.  I didn't do so good on watering it, and every time I did water, the water would run away from the plants on the top of the dirt because it was so dry!  I tried poking a few holes in the bottom of pop cans and setting them up next to each plant and filling them up with water, hoping the water would slowly sink in.  It worked on a few of them, but the water still ran out too fast on most of the cans.  This year I may try burying a tin can halfway next to each plant with the bottom and top cut off.  Then I will fill them with water as I did the pop cans.

Here is a picture from two years ago around this time in January.

                              A snowy and frosty morning sunrise in January.

Good-bye, January.  February, here we come!

How was your January?

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