Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 18: May?

We've had an up-and-down sort of Spring this year.  Going from 70s and 80s for a high one day, to 35* and snowing the next.  Yesterday was the day we got snow.  Big, soft, wet flakes flying down rather rapidly almost all day.  On days like that, we usually end up baking to warm the house a little. (More on that in the next post.)  After I made some biscuits, I suited up and headed out to get some pictures of the snow.

These tulips were bent from the wind.

The buds on a Hickory tree.

A pink tulip capped in snow.
It snowed like this all day, thankfully it mostly all melted by nightfall. 

In certain areas such as this the snow didn't pile up because of the trees and bushes.  Most of it blew over the top. 

An orange tulip in the snow.
Have you had an up-and-down sort of Spring this year?

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