Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 25: Peas in a Pod

It's been a pretty good spring for growing peas.  At first I was afraid it was going to get too hot before our peas bloomed, but then it cooled back down again.  We have had a ton of snow peas!  I have been eating them raw with almost every meal!  I grew the same kind last year and they've done well again this year.  They're called Oregon Sugar Pod II, you can find them here on the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds website.
The pictures that I am sharing with you today are shell peas.  They are also from Baker Creek, they're called Lincoln.  They have also grown really well.  Though they produced about a week and a half later than the snow peas, we were still able to get some pickings in before the hot summer heat.  These were a nice addition to some stew I made about a week ago.
They produced about 6-7 peas per pod average, with a few having 9-10 peas per pod!  They were nice sized, too.  I plan on saving seed from these this year and planting them again next season.


I may try to plant some for a fall crop if the seed is ready in time!

 I like this edit!

I couldn't decide which I liked best between these two edits.

I can't wait until the warm season vegetables start producing!  Can anyone say Tomatoes?

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