Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 11: One Fancy Dude

This guy is one fancy dude.  He insists on fixing his hair everyday!  Sometimes his obsession gets annoying!  As if that isn't enough, he goes around showing it off, strutting here and there all day!!

Though I can't say all of the other guys are jealous, they think he's just weird.  Especially since he can't see too clearly, what with his hair in the way and all.  But don't tell him that, he won't listen.

The Fancy Dude
I took this picture in 2011.  He is a Polish Crested (I think, but who knows!) rooster that our friends gave to us because they had too many.  He definitely doesn't blend in with the rest of them!

See another picture of him on my Flickr

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